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The Eidetic Dancer With The Light

by Dr. Akhter Ahsen & Janet K Bloom

Janet K Bloom is the eidetic dancer with the light. Reading her “soul progressions” – which is what she calls her eidetic imaging explorations – is like watching light dancing through water. The brilliance, agility, and daring of her writing – with its superlative sensitivity to the subtleties and depths and reaches of the eidetic stream of imaging – makes the threads of inner light she is following so engaging that they become illuminatingly entwined in one’s own journey.



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The Eidetic Dancer With The Light by Dr. Akhter Ahsen & Janet K Bloom.

All remaining material by Janet K Bloom.

Notes On Writing With The Light

by Janet Bloom

Light Poems make sense by making a difference

not only to the author but also to others

who enter into these poems dramatically,

through empathy imaging,

to shed new light on their inside story

and enjoy reunions with creation.



Discovering The Dramatic

Architectural Anatomy Of Emotion

Under The Sun


by Janet K Bloom

The roots of the word emotion indicate that human and animal feelings come out of motion, taking shape in motion, giving shape to our bodies in action in space, creating a dramatic architecture within and around us.


We can discover and transform this dramatic architectural anatomy through not only watching our inner motion pictures – eidetic images – as they play like movies in front of our mind’s eyes, but also asking our bodies as we watch: Where exactly is this image touching me? How is it moving me?


By paying extra careful attention to the interplay between these eidetic images and our bodies we see precisely what kind of spaces our emotions create within us and around us. Imaging in this way means that, instead of speculating about our motivations, and their consequences, we can now make perfectly clear dramatic sense of them. It also means naturally liberating outgrowth, forward looking moves, from habitual, backward looking replays.

Starring In Each Other’s Eyes

by Janet K Bloom

Introducing Video Demonstrations of Eidetic Empathy Imaging

     Inner Space

     by Janet Bloom

A glimpse into the actual architecture of inner space and redesigning our interiors to find better inner spaces to live out of.


     Lucid Improvisations

     Explore New Ground In Imagination

     Bringing Compassionate Interaction to Light;

          An Introduction To Empathy Imaging In Action,

     illustrated by   “I’ll Teach You A Lesson,”

     A Serial Drama In Progress

     by Janet Bloom

Transcript of a two hour session with Katherine.  Just as Ahsen asked me to title his notes for my sessions so I asked Katherine how she would title this session.


          Dramatizes The Healing Powers Of Imagination

by Janet K Bloom

          Click Here For Full PDF Article

Getting The Whole Story

by Janet K Bloom

                           A Vision That Came To Me Early In My Eidetic Imaging Training