Getting The Whole Story

                                    by Janet K Bloom


I want to tell you an image – a vision – that came to me early in my eidetic imaging training in order to give you a sense of the wholeness of the whole stories that eidetic imaging keeps showing us. It starts out showing the wholeness we begin with.

One day I see a golden wedding band in front of my mind’s eye. Then I see it fall and disappear into the dark spaces between several huge boulders.

My ordinary, rational, urbanized mind starts wondering if dropping bubble gum down there on a string would pick the golden ring up. But I keep concentrating on the dark space between the huge immovable boulders where the band is now hidden.

In a little while, all of a sudden, I see the golden band swivel up and out of the fissure, and hold itself up twinkling in the air above the boulders.

In very short order this fabulous image gives us the whole picture of what eidetic imaging is, and how it works. It shows us the whole picture to begin with; gives us the whole picture of a problematic situation that arises, and its resolution, ending up showing that we have more than we lost.


Something whole gets lost in the cracks. Concentration retrieves it from darkness. That which is retrieved shines out more brilliantly than it did before it was lost. And that which was lost has the mark of divinity: floating luminously in front of the mind’s eye, elevating mind, body and soul.


My mentor, Dr. Akhter Ahsen, founder of Image Psychology,

brings this phenomenon to light with new, deeply disciplined eyes. He has the mind of an artist, being a poet, playwright, novelist and painter; the mind of an internationally esteemed scholar of medicine, the arts, and spirituality; and the mind of an experimental psychologist and clinician. In 50 years of rigorous, internationally acclaimed, scientific work, which is documented in over 30 books, and the peer reviewed scientific Journal Of Mental Imagery he edited for 30 years, Ahsen presents many instructions for simply and directly accessing the gifts and powers of this level of imagination which has long been rendered obscure to most of us.


Having trained with Ahsen for nearly thirty years, I show people the ropes of consciousness that his research has surfaced. Through following Ahsen's clear sighted, forward looking instructions, my students see how to enter the transformational playground of imagination where they can see what stuff they’re made of, and grasp exactly how consciousness works, so they can work with it, developing its strengths and outgrowing its weaknesses.

By concentrating on and sharing eidetic images – the inner motion pictures that move us – they become increasingly aware of how they can use their inner dynamics, and change them as needed. Through practicing imaging they find that what they used to see as unconscious can actually become increasingly structured and conscious and reliable. They see how to release, oscillate, and filter their images, and allow them to emanate in order to outgrow and resolve problems. And they realize how they can use nature, parental and spiritual images to change their states of mind and body, and realize their underlying health.

The more they realize how structuring, inherently beneficent, coherent and fluent their eidetic images are, the more eidetic imagers gain a sense of command in employing their hidden gifts and powers, which shine out more and more. They find that their performance and health improve along with their ability to relate to other people more lucidly and empathically and effectively.