Embracing Eidetic Experience

Makes A World Of Difference

In Relating

To Ourselves, Each Other & Our Environment,

To Our Pasts, Present and Future

One morning I wake up remembering telling someone the day before that, once we know eidetic imaging, we can move our consciousness from one state of mind to another by moving our minds from one eidetic image to another, as readily as a frog can hop from one lily pad to another. Next I remember seeing a frog with gold eyeliner way back. While remembering this frog, I see it very distantly and dimly. It is as almost invisible as it was when I first swam up to it on the bank of a pool beyond a huge boulder in a stream.

As the memory of seeing this frog comes alive, and the scene becomes present in my current consciousness, the dim and distant memory image has become an eidetic image I am experiencing fully. As an eidetic imager I am no longer just a remote observer. While watching the scene unfold, I simultaneously feel that I am holding my head very still above still water coming eye to eye with this luminous frog. I am in the wonder of being so face to face with this perfectly still creature whose eyes are lined with gleaming gold. I am in awe at being within the range of his presence, and enjoying the suspense of his staying with me while thinking he’s about to hop off.

All of a sudden I feel myself getting into this position, scooting through a chute of water between boulders, and paddling around following the golden rippling of the sun on the bottom of the gloriously sun dappled pool until I encounter these gold lined eyes staring at me.

All the sensations involved in the scene are coming back to me: the sense of stillness filled with surprise, wonder and suspense; the sense of the stream pummeling me through the water chute; and then my limbs rippling to be in tune with the rippling light in the water.

What does this scene mean to me at the moment?  It is profoundly gratifying to know that this pleasant scene is still with me in such an engaging way, making all its pleasures thoroughly felt. It is pleasing to know that this frog, who could hop away so readily, is standing by me when I have reached an age, and am in a situation where so much feels as if it’s on the verge of being lost.  It is strengthening, it gives me backbone to know that this frog is still with me.

Now I see the ceramic Mexican frog my Mother kept in her last guest bathroom. I feel that this frog spirit is letting me in on that aspect of my Mother that gave her the nickname Cricket. Though she did hop off a lot, she had tremendous staying power like this Buddhalike frog.

An image I could have readily dismissed as a dim, distant, fragmentary memory of something past, done and over with, that I had no hope of getting a hold of, became instead – by virtue of opening my concentration to receiving an infusion of the full eidetic potential in this scene – a replenishing experience that linked me with the powerful resources lurking in my whole picture; resources I never knew I had in me before I studied eidetic imaging.

This image as I’ve described it to you is far more than a replay of a thirty year old scene. It gives me an entirely immediate, new and invigorating experience of that old scene, highlighting the divinity of that scene’s golden light coming through to me, staring at me, rippling around me, as I never knew it did before.

From this small example, I hope you will begin to imagine the world of difference it would make to life on earth if we were to let ourselves know ourselves, each other and our environment with this full a grasp.  Now we leave our minds set on grasping things only in a very reduced, distant, perfunctory, glancing, dismissive and unsatisfying way, when they could also be set to open to the whole pictures residing in the eidetic vein of our imaginations. That would give us direct access to the needed beneficial dynamisms at play in our bodymind, which we now cut ourselves off from.

Because eidetic images are always in touch with our whole picture they naturally bring mind and body, past present and future, reason and creativity, science and spirit back together again. The more we explore this coherent level of knowing in ourselves the better we feel about ourselves in relation to all our relations. We can see far more clearly how and why we think and feel and act the ways we do, and how readily we can change when we need to.

The memory image I glimpsed was nothing to write home about until my being opened up to embrace the full eidetic potential the memory was only a link to. The eidetic experience is worth enjoying and sharing because it not only does something for me. It may do likewise or more for others who let their entire being embrace my image.

Seeing this frog brings energy out in me that makes me feel better than I felt before I saw it. It is an image that doesn’t leave me empty, wanting. On the contrary, it is replenishing, filling me with healthy energies I did not know I had in me any longer, being so many years and miles away from that profoundly pleasant and invigorating scene.

Children live, learn and play with eidetic images, becoming what they see, mirroring their parents extensively. Being taught to put away childish things, people do not stay consciously in touch with this animating level of consciousness. As adults many of us have to crawl back into it when we want to rejuvenate and heal ourselves by regaining our familiarity with these inner resources. But, with a little practice, we may find ourselves flying on the high flying trapeze.

All of us have eidetic images and experiences, many of us without knowing it. We couldn’t make it around the corner without them because eidetic images are continually structuring and restructuring our lives.

Did you ever hear yourself laugh like your father, or pick something up just the way your mother did? You are experiencing eidetic images working through you. Some scenes keep coming back to us because there is something locked up in them that our consciousness knows we need to know. Before Ahsen’s recent research brought out the true nature of eidetic images more distinctly, our habit has been to think of them as memories, and leave them on replay, encapsulated in the dim and distant past, and to remain afraid of them because we do not know that there is a positive image on the other side of every negative eidetic image.

Through learning eidetic imaging we see how to let these hidden positive images come out from under the negative images that have been keeping them down. Letting them carry us into better states of mind and body, and bring us prospects of a new future, we feel and act better. Consciousness holds far more promise for us, even during the hardest of times.

A person who has become aware of all the refreshing and strengthening and clarifying energies any eidetic image has in store, receives these wondrous images in an open ended way. Instead of stuffing them back into memory and replay, you leave yourself open to embracing these images, and seeing where their energies will take you now, as you let their surprisingly beneficial energies come into play and infuse you with more winning attitudes.

Sadly, many of us have had enough difficult experiences in our lives, and seen enough horror movies, and read enough negative views of consciousness, to be afraid of getting to know ourselves and each other well. Looking into eidetic imaging makes getting to know ourselves not only a pleasant but a healing prospect. 

Many adults feel like strangers to this promising level of imagination at first but soon find they were familiar with it as children and can still live, learn and play with it. The more they leave themselves open to this, the more they find that helpful images will drop in on them when they are most needed, just as the divine frog dropped in on me as I woke recently.

Because I did not treat it as a dim and distant memory, and instead let my mind open to fully embrace the sight I was seeing, the frog gave me a good time. By holding the sight in mind, letting it play like a movie not only in front of my mind but throughout my body, instead of being on the outside looking in on a dim and distant memory, I find myself suddenly in the presence of this sight, and feeling the pleasing excitement and wonder of it.  With a little training and practice in doing this imagers can receive and give these gifts of consciousness at will. 

Because I am in practice, as soon as I remembered seeing that frog this morning, my mind glided instantly into getting with him eidetically, fully embracing the whole experience of being with him with all my senses and wits about me.

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