CANADIAN COUNSELOR magazine said: “Eidetic analysis is unique as a simultaneous blend of diagnosis and therapy. Its scope ranges from an individual working alone, through consciousness couples to families and groups. The possibilities for widespread self-directed lay therapy or personal growth are enormous.”

In Starring In Each Other’s Eyes you see Janet Bloom and her students evoking the inner motion pictures that move us. These dramatic images show us directly into the healing grounds of our imagination.

Becoming known scientifically as eidetics (eye-deht’-ics), these fascinating images are defined as ISMs: Images always involving Somatic (body) responses with Meaning. By letting us see the extent to which our bodies are continually mirroring the dramatic and transformational movies on our minds, eidetics let us see into ourselves and each other far more deeply, clearly and helpfully. This enables us to join in mutually illuminating communal interaction without losing our individuality to conformity.

In Video 1, We Become What We See, Janet Bloom shows how her body mirrors the actions in the scene she is seeing of herself as a child playing tug of war with her bulldog.  She is dramatizing her personal experience of the new scientific understanding of eidetics that enables us to bring up revitalizing energies and joys from childhood, and realize dramatic strengths we did not know we have.

In Video 2, Finding The Father You Always Wanted, three eidetic imagers concentrate in concert on enacting positive father images, and outgrowing fixations on narrow negative views of themselves and their formative years.  As they release and share new self-images in which they triumph over developmental difficulties, their fellow imagers are prompted to release their own triumphant images as well, experiencing a deepening sense of well being.  The underlying positive nature and family images they are surfacing release gratifying progressions of new self-images that infuse them with new energies and attitudes, moving them to feel and perform better.  They take great joy in freeing themselves and each other from the spells of the negative images that are the source of bad feelings, poor performance and ill health.

Video 3, “VICTORY!” Swinging To The Positive, shows that eidetic imaging enables a person to go directly to the image that is the root of a problem, and then swing swiftly to the opposite antidote image, which frees him from the problem, and puts him in touch with wellsprings of good energy. Through repeatedly concentrating on the beneficial images they surface – images which show promise not divulged by forbidding psychologies of the unconscious – eidetic imagers become less ill at ease and gain confidence in their ability to see their way clear of many troubles – even severe ones. Rather than avoiding getting to know themselves and others deeply, eidetic imagers enter this lucid level of imagination with a sense of suspense. They look forward to being inspired by liberating images that continually model surprisingly successful new acts.

In Video 4, “CHERISHING,” Lucid Improvisation In Performance, eidetic imagers share deep joys in public with unabashed intimacy.  As they light each other up through baring endearing self-images, they see members of their audience lighting up too, welling up with fellow feeling for nature and human nature.

AN EIDETIC EMPATHY IMAGING SESSION IS LAUNCHED – as demonstrated in Videos 2, 3 and 4 – by one imager giving other imagers the picture that is playing in front of his or her mind’s eye, while also describing or dramatizing how each feature of this scene is striking his or her body. Then, in turn, the other imagers see themselves in the presenting imager’s shoes.  In telling their empathy images the other imagers take time to recognize exactly how their bodies are moved by each new move in their images.

By staying in touch with and enacting their body responses, eidetic imagers get and give new pictures that make profoundly illuminating common sense.  They see their images shedding new light into and prompting new growth in everyone else’s images.  Sustained concentration of this nature generates a stream of dramatic illumination that is inherently transformational.  It surfaces helpful new moods, insights and moves in everyone opening to this delightful opportunity for needed self and mutual discovery.

Starring In Each Other’s Eyes

a pilot documentary of




Eidetic Empathy Imaging

CANADIAN COUNSELOR magazine said: “Eidetic analysis is unique as a simultaneous blend of diagnosis and therapy. Its scope ranges from an individual working alone, through consciousness couples to families and groups. The possibilities for widespread self-directed lay therapy or personal growth are enormous.”

SHARING THEIR INSIDE STORIES IN THIS BENEFICENT NEW WAY, eidetic imagers become less fearful of getting to know themselves and each other.  They know they’re heading into the heart of light beyond the heart of darkness.  They relish being far more helpful to themselves and others than they can be when seeing others from distancing external points of view bridged only by guesswork and unconscious projections

LUCID IMPROVISATIONS YIELD TRANSFORMATIONAL MIRRORINGS that help to resolve the inner dilemmas of everyone involved.  Each person sees his or her inside story coming to a happier resolution.  Those who stay in practice find themselves progressively outgrowing deepest troubles, moving on to more pleasing grounds in consciousness. They turn up positive images in situations they’d seen only negatively.

PEOPLE OF ANY AGE, LAYMEN AND PROFESSIONALS ALIKE, CAN ENJOY SHARING in Eidetic Empathy Imaging verbally, or enacting their images in Lucid Improvisations, for the fun of surfacing deeply illuminating inner landscapes.  As they learn the ropes of self and mutual illumination and transformation they not only see exactly where they and their fellows are coming from.  They get bright new angles on what they are coming to, while revealing better sides of themselves that are eagerly waiting to be discovered. The vital images they release move them to discover within themselves new moods, attitudes, motives, attention spans, tones of voice, and acts needed to make relationships, health, creativity and outlook more enjoyable.

SEE FOR YOURSELF what it’s like to take an active part in Lucid Improvisations by pausing this DVD when you see an image you’d like to relate to more deeply.  First see yourself in the shoes of the person telling the image.  Then concentrate on your image feature by feature, move by move.  As each new feature or move shoes up, pause to ask your body as observer to the image:  where is this touching me?  How is this moving me?  You as observer to the image may be responding quite differently and making different sense of the scene than you the actor in the image.  With practice you will see how helpful your inner motion pictures can be to you.

THE STEPS FOR CONCENTRATION DEMONSTRATED in these videos were developed by Dr. Akhter Ahsen, the founder of Image Psychology.  They bring out overlooked gifts and powers of imagination, and let us see how to successfully navigate the strong currents in consciousness.

conducted by


Certified Eidetic Imaging Trainer

When a negative image comes to mind a practiced eidetic imager has several effective options.  One is to swiftly move attention to a better scene that has had a strong positive effect before.  Another is to go to a deep nature image and let an upwelling of healing energies flow.  Another is to intensify the negative aspect of an image by concentrating on it in order to mobilize consciousness to swing to a positive antidote image, as demonstrated in “VICTORY!”  Video 3.  With practice eidetic imagers know they can always move their minds to a better image or grow one when they need to.  They gain confidence in resorting to the underlying healthy and healing powers of eidetic imagination to confront and outgrow difficult images that have been holding them back.


JANET K BLOOM, M.F.A., C.I.T.  Master of Fine Arts and Certified Eidetic Imaging Trainer, has devoted her life to eidetic imaging since 1981, training with the esteemed founder of Image Psychology, Dr. Akhter Ahsen, FAPA.  She has been honored by several fellowships including: residencies at The Mac Dowell Artists Colony twice, and at Ossabaw and Cummington artist colonies; and the federal, state and city funded CETA Artists Teaching Fellowship employing artists in public service,  during which she taught in schools and senior centers under the auspices of Teachers and Writers Collaborative.

Her poetry and articles have appeared in The American Poetry Review, New York Quarterly, Poetry Now, Parnassus Poetry In Review, Arts, Journal Of Gerontological Social Work, Architectural Record, Architectural Forum and Holiday. A new video, LUCID IMPROVISATIONS: PLAYING IN CONCERT WITH THE LIGHT, and several books are nearly ready for publication, including SOUL PROGRESSIONS: Harmoniously Releasing Ourselves From What Got Into Us, and COMING INTO BEING.

JANET K BLOOM SEEKS TO TRAIN AND COLLABORATE with performers, videographers, jazz artists, teachers, parents, health care professionals, multimedia publishers and others who wish to show how much Eidetic Empathy Imaging and Lucid Improvisations can bring to life the happiness that should come naturally with childhood, and reunite us with the vital beauty and health of family and social life and planet earth.

Janet Bloom has taught eidetic imaging in schools, hospitals, prison: in therapeutic training programs; in community, senior, art, environmental and retreat centers and spas. Her students of all ages see that they can surface clarifying images that bring out inner strength, peace of mind, well being and promise, even in difficult circumstances.

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