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                ”Janet Bloom’s videos provide engaging demonstrations of

                 how eidetic imaging, especially empathy imaging,

                 works in practice, giving people wonderful ways into gaining

                 fresh, restorative perspectives on themselves and each other.”

Dr. Akhter Ahsen,

founder of Image Psychology involving eidetic imaging


    Starring In Each Other’s Eyes

a pilot documentary of

Eidetic Empathy Imaging & Lucid Improvisations

1 hr 53 min

      1.  Seeing How We Become What We See     2 min

      2.  Finding The Father You Always Wanted     33 min

      3.  “Victory!” Swinging To The Positive     1 hr 5 min

      4. “Cherishing:” Lucid Improvisations In Performance     15 min

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Lucid Improvisations:

Playing In Concert With The Light

piloting the use of

eidetic imaging in jazz

centering improvisation on

growing a hub of inner light


International Women in Jazz

1 hr 53 min

      1.  Under The Wings Of Happiness

      2.  The Through Line Of Playing In Concert With The Light

      3.  Discovering Eidetics, The Images That Move Us, The True Gifts &

           Powers Of Our Imaginations   

      4.  Scanning Our Bodies, The Instruments Eidetic Images Play

      5.  Bringing Our Body Responses Out Of Hiding

      6.  No Problem: Getting Out Of The Spells Negative Images Cast 

      7.  Light Interplay: Eidetic Empathy Imaging & Striking Certain Notes

           In Consciousness    

      8.  Making A Concerted Effort & The New Surrealism

      9.  Acquiring Better Self-Images

      10.  Ship Of Light

      11.  Discovering The Powers Of Positive Images

      12.  Releasing A Riches Of Centering Energies

      13.  Cinematic Stories Ready To Flower

      14.  Finding Balance, Freedom, Ease

      15.  Empathy Imaging Duetting

      16.  Beyond Blocks

      17.  Riding The Ship Of Light Together 

      18.  Proper Use Of Imagination Is Essential To Public Health

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       What’s Eidetic?

An Interview With Janet K Bloom

46 min

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