clips of 

Lucid Improvisations


Eidetic Empathy Imaging In Action

Karen Lewis and Rich Barbuto


Janet K Bloom,

Certified Eidetic Imaging Trainer

Part I,  Pure Joy

Part II,  Coming Between Us

Part III,  Results! Straightening Out

Part IV,  Spur To Action

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By concentrating methodically on eidetic images

– the inner motion pictures that move us –

we can see exactly how to bring out hidden positive images

that bring up boosts of strong energy we didn’t know we had in us,

and raise our self-esteem more than we imagined was possible.

Seeing positive images of our father

– especially if we’ve had trouble with him –

is especially buoying and strengthening, as shown in these clips

of sharing in bringing out positive father images

during Lucid Improvisations, eidetic empathy imaging in action.

The viewer is welcome to try it.

Finding The Father You Always Wanted

33 min