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“Like The Sun Itself”


Akhter Ahsen Sees The Importance Of

The Image Grove Web Site 


After looking at this web site Akhter Ahsen quoted Plotinus who said:

“If the eye was not like the sun itself it would not have been able to see the sun.”


When Ahsen asked what my intention was in developing this site, I said: “I have long felt that the printed word is a barrier to the discovery of eidetic imaging for many people. My aim is to provide entryways to this fascinating and extraordinarily helpful work for people who do not see their way into it readily it by reading and explanations.


“I call this an exhibition site. I hope people will come to it to dwell on the islands and wells of light it provides, and see that the eidetic images presented here can provide swift openings to their own inner landscapes.”


Ahsen said, “It is an exhibition site for what can be done in eidetic imaging. It shows that one takes the inspiration, and flies into one’s waiting potential, and makes it become realized. It’s a great gift to receive from one’s own self.”


I added: “I think the printed word, and the sort of thinking it automatically engenders, often baffles people who really want to see what’s with them, what’s going on in their minds, hearts, souls, and bodies.” “The printed word cannot do it,” Ahsen replied. “It can only give you some beginning to draw out what you already have.


“Such a presentation was needed to show the difference between the printed word and real experience. And that one has to take the page from a book but go where one needs to go. This is a good guide to just tell you where you need to go, and what it would feel like being there.


“This transitional exposure is profoundly important for getting there into the real experience. We live in a world of confusing realities between the printed word and spoken word and the word that is lived experientially. To reach true and growing understanding one must aim to go where the manifold experience is.”




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