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Calling All Light Writers

Some years back I asked around literary gatherings in New York to see if anyone knew of any living visionary poets. The only one anyone could think of was William Blake. I have found nowhere to place the writing from the light that I’ve been doing extensively since I began my training with Akhter Ahsen, the founder of Image Psychology, nearly thirty years ago. Now I see the need for me to make the place at Image Grove where my writing and the writing of other eidetic Light Writers, as I like to think of us, can see the light together.

For current purposes, I would like to see clearly dramatic scenes that will simply serve newcomers to eidetic imaging as clear platforms for eidetic empathy imaging.  This eliminates the longer progressions that may be too complicated or convoluted for others to relate to readily.

I am in no position to select and edit pages and pages of other people’s writing as I have a tremendous backlog of publishing of my own work to attend to. I am hoping that those who wish to join in this will be sufficiently disciplined to be able to submit usable copyedited pieces that are short and clear enough to be worthwhile to others who are newcomers to eidetic imaging.

I am most – almost exclusively – interested in publishing images on my website that viewers can empathize into, using the empathy imaging instructions I provide below. This means images that are direct, and  straightforwardly sequential, rather than convoluted or bridging gaps others will have trouble following. Since I began practicing eidetic imaging, my chief interest and mission in life has been to show others how to readily discover and bring forth the beautiful and helpful hidden aspects of ourselves that come to light by virtue of eidetic imaging, especially eidetic empathy imaging.

To shed your light into our interior please email me at and send an attachment containing a work under two pages long, formatting it as you see my sample is formatted.

Steps For Light Writing Submissions

Please provide:

. a brief description of the scope and span of your experience 

  with eidetic imaging, naming any trainers you’ve had or the 

  chief books you’ve used

. a brief statement of: what you get out of eidetic imaging; or what 

  your aim is in practicing it; or how you use it

. an example of an image of yours that you think could, through 

  serving as a basis for eidetic empathy imaging, contribute 

  significantly to the illumination of someone else’s inner space

. please select your contribution with the following two main 

  considerations in mind:

            1.)  It will appear under the title: 

                  Illuminations Shared At Image Grove

            2.)  It can serve newcomers to eidetic imaging as a 

                  promising platform for eidetic empathy imaging. I 

                  particularly welcome any images supportive of my 

                  imaging is essential to public health and, thus, to any 

                  educational curriculum.             

. please title your work, as Ahsen titles session notes, with a 

  working title that conveys the essence of the action, the healing 

  action, involved    

. provide the name you wish to use as author of this work, and 

  any contact information you wish to appear with the work

. provide your real name, your email and street address and 

  phone number(s) with hours reachable.

We will enter your submission on the site when we can, if it meets the above specifications, without any further communication with you. Keep an eye out for it.

Your work will be automatically copyrighted, as every page on the site is.

Want Training?

If you would like training in Light Writing contact Janet K Bloom, an award winning writer, who conducts Image Grove, and has been writing Transformational Autobiography and Light Poems for nearly thirty years.

Help Wanted

Would you like to be the miracle worker that would help make a go of this part of this site, by seeking contributors, helping to select and copy edit their contributions?  If so, please send me a resume of pertinent experience and statement of your interest, hours available, salary and other requirements.

Illuminations Shared At Image Grove

The writings appearing on this page are responses to the following Call To Light Writers aimed at writers who write directly from the self and mutually illuminating, transformational inner visions that put us keenly in touch with our bodies and each other. These are the inner motion pictures that move us, which are becoming known scientifically as eidetic (eye-deht’-ic) images through the extensive research of Dr. Akhter Ahsen, the founder of Image Psychology. (See About Image Psychology.)


Eidetic imaging gives us the lift, the light, the sense of direction, energy and caring many of us sorely need. The writings presented below are examples of such gifts and powers coming to us through using this newfound medium of consciousness. (See Reviews Of Ahsen’s Work).


The writers welcome your comments on their entries. Please email them to What would please us even more is receiving your empathy images into our images. That would not only show us that you are seeing what we’re saying.  It would let us establish light communication in which your variation on our visions shed new light and growth into our interiors. This is the highest, most elevating form of improvisation.

Empathy Imaging Instructions

To try empathy imaging, follow the instructions below.

. Pick any eidetic image you’re drawn to from the images you’ve 

  seen in my writings or videos. It will be best to pick one involving 

  me and my parents.

. See yourself in my shoes, and your parents (or other 

  characters) in my parents shoes.  In other words, you are 

  putting your characters in my scene.

. Letting my image serve as a point of departure, let your image 

  go its own way.

. Notice your body responses to each new move or feature in 

  your image as it appears. Stay in sustained touch with your 

  body responses.  Be sure not to gloss over important moves 

  and features as they show up.  The secret of the successes you 

  can experience through eidetic imaging arises from the deep 

  dramatic sense your body makes and the clarity it brings to your 


. If you are empathy imaging with someone else, have them 

  empathize into your image in the way described above. When 

  they tell you their empathy image, see how it influences and 

  changes your image. Tell them your new image. Keep the inner 

  light conversation going back and forth.

When you have an empathy image that you feel others can empathize into for their well being in turn, please send it to us following the specifications for Light Writer submissions.


Illumination #1

Finding My Place In The Sun

by Janet Bloom

Author’s Prefatory Note:

The commonplace automatic aversion to serpents has deprived many people of centrally important energetic knowledge, and is something I hope the following image will help overcome. I’d like readers who haven’t handled serpents to know that they can feel as smooth as the nacre of an abalone shell in your hands and make wonderful belly dancing partners. I also want them  to see that serpents are worth knowing eidetically since they can provide such an effective and enjoyable relief, in this instance from depression.

The day I saw the following image, I felt once again that I could find my place in the sun.

When I invoked Jackal’s help – having been introduced to him by my mentor, Akhter Ahsen, as Kali’s assistant and the ultimate resolver of problems – I saw Jackal immediately start to sniff around avidly and dig a hole. When he backed off from his digging a little, I peered into the hole and saw a fascinating sight: the head of a black serpent with opalescent eyes peering up at me on the long stem of his gleaming black neck.

As I see this again today, Serpent immediately raises the hope throughout my being of a strong sense of direction rising at last from within me, and of finding my place in the sun.  It is wonderful that two glowing curious eyes held high on the stem of a long black neck can gather and raise this nearly lost hope in me.

Serprent sends a ripple affirming my hope along his long black body running deep into the earthen tunnel behind him, and I feel that deep energy rippling up through the center of my being. I have long wanted and needed this serprent sense of instant powerful motility, and here it is, as soon as I look in for it ardently enough. I feel Serpent is a perfect companion for life who can keep me in touch with the full reach of my natural being.

As soon as my appreciation touches him, a great coiling excitement runs through Serpent, and, once again, just as I wanted, he slithers swiftly up the trunk through the green light of the dome forming the crown of a huge tree, shining as he climbs to once again rest his chin on some outermost sunfilled leaves where he noses and sips sun.

Through Serpent, with Serpent, I now have the power to spring into the light, instead of continuing to coil in the dark underground of being. “Yes,” my inner voice whispers appreciatively. I see Serpent looking down at me with interest now, and sense he is somehow going to hook me in on being in this place in the sun with him. “Yes!” my inner voice says emphatically.

Seeing, sensing this sight within me I feel sun energy coursing up through my body, expanding my breast. “Yes,” my inner voice says softly. I sense a delightful little me, Jannie nearly four, emerging, coiling at the base of the tree. She is exercising her magical power, which sheds the dread I’ve been living with too much of my life, and brings the eagerness of a child back to life within me. “Yes,” my inner voice says appreciatively.

I see Serpent hook his head down smiling at Jannie with great interest, luring her to join him. Tickled, she wriggles through a spasm of giggles; then looks straight up at him steadily, hopefully. Her arms then reach up to him. He loops down for her he swings her up onto his back. She’s the exuberant queen of this lithe cherry picker moving her into her place in the sun.

When I woke maybe fifteen minutes ago my whole being was drenched with a humid sense of the heaviness of the chores I have to do to make my way alone into the light. Now I have this comrade in arms who knows how to snake his way swiftly through the dark, with me riding happily on his back. I see Jannie leaning back laughing and throwing her arms up wide as if trips like this with my old pal Serpent are old hat to me, and to be expected any time they’re needed. “Yes!” my inner voice says with adamant enthusiasm. That is exactly what I needed to know.

I have lived in fear of my serpents going limp and nearly falling as I saw them do when I began imaging the Caduceus years ago. Apparently now I have mustered enough central, centering energy to believe that the energy of this kundalini serpent is with me for the duration. I finally have something to go on that I can count on. “You bet!” a more masculine voice says authoritatively. Is this the moment my inner strength comes true? “Yes!" an inner voice says crisply.

I am tempted to think of the falling serpents I saw going limp years ago when I was working on progressing the Caduceus image; and to think of the inch worm I saw so tentatively and tenderly hanging his luminous body over the dark abyss of grass, bridging his way to the next blade. Those were faltering beginner’s struggles. Now, being with Serpent, I’m engaged in a wholehearted hopeful struggle. I am aligned with and open to the central sustaining source of fountainous energy within me – and all of us – as I could never be before. What a game! What a drama of positioning! To have finally removed the overshadowing images that were impeding my progress and gradually found my way to positioning myself on the axis of this sustaining tree of life energy!

Most of us are quite wrongheadedly trained to expect others to be able to somehow give us or top off this centered and centering energy, through teaching, or counseling, or admiration, or encouragement and the like. But that is not at all possible. It cannot come to us when we are flailing around in dependency. In fact, dependency diverts our attention from reaching our own inner resources, which cannot arise in and show themselves to you until you clear the way for them, and turn to them whole heartedly expecting them to arise from deep in the core of you.

It has taken me many years to clear an opening in the tangled roots of my consciousness sufficient for me to get in direct touch with this fountainous force of life within, the élan vial that aligns us body and soul with the wise guiding energy this black Serpent is now introducing me to, glowingly climbing the trunk of a tree making way to a sip of sun within me. Without being allowed to know such vessels of light within me, and applying this understanding of my natural kinship with the vital forces of life, I was quite unnecessarily swarmed by darkness for many many years of my life.

Light Gatherings

We hope to soon have periodic gatherings of eidetic empathy imagers and Lucid Improvisors so Light Writers can come out of the woodwork and move with animating performers. Let us know if you’re interested. Also tell us if you know of quiet, modestly priced, central location space for such gatherings.

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