Eyeing God

When you have removed all the scales,

all the motes from your eyes,

so that your inner scope receives

fully dimensional impressions

with the clarity of an entirely dimensional mirror,

and you can respond to others in particular ways

that are entirely true to this deep mirroring,

saying nothing that distorts,

making no moves, no tones that cause distortion

of the being you are engaging with,

then your being is able to be perfectly reflective

of the entire universe of truth

before you, surrounding you, and within you

and shining out in the lights of this moment.

Your eye, then, has become

as clear as god’s eye,

and your converse equally lucid.

It is this inner capacity of ours

which I take to be reflected in cloth from India

with mirrors embedded in it,

reflected especially clearly in the design

of the maharajah’s tent bed coverings

suspended from the ceiling in a local restaurant,

covered with many-ringed flowers

like chrysanthemums,

each flower having a mirror center.

I looked up at the large flower over my head

looking right into the large mirror in its center

and it was as if I were looking up

into the eye of god

looking down on me looking up

and we knew each other’s nature

and were glad.

“Yes!” my inner voice says

with a push off of joy.

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