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COURSES      &      Students’ Comments

What’s New About Eidetic Imaging?

Introductory Highlights

The video clips here provide glimpses of our newfound ability to see clearly into our own and each other’s inner lives by following eidetic (eye-deht’-ic) images, the inner motion pictures that move us. Through systematically releasing these dramatic images, imagers discover their hidden inner strengths, and liberate their natural ability to resolve deep problems; as is demonstrated extensively in IMAGE GROVE videos and writings on this site.

Eidetic images distinguish themselves mainly by staying precisely in touch with our bodies; by continually structuring our behavior and health, and by enabling us to readily restructure them as needed. To discover the extraordinary usefulness of eidetic images, you must first of all see and sense exactly how these inner motion pictures – which play like movies in front of our mind’s eyes – are touching and moving you.


Private sessions, in person or on the phone, for those who wish to use journaling to deepen and clarify their awareness of the motivating and dormant transformational images in their own and other people’s inner lives. You will learn ways of concentrating that simultaneously put you more deeply in touch with your hidden strengths, and liberate you to outgrow your hindrances. As you see how to find the images which are the most powerful sources of relaxation, healing, invigoration and inspiration to you, you will also be learning how to see more deeply and accurately into other people.


Transformational Autobiography™ In Writing

“My writing is

  greatly enhanced by

  imaging.  It has led

  to immediacy and

  depth.  I found

  gaining access to

  relationship with my

  mother and father,

  and awareness that

  this can be ongoing,

  most satisfying.”



Using The Healing Image

Using the healing image is “tremendously exhilarating!” a doctor reported, having swiftly recovered from chronic depression, and a sense of intimidation and not belonging, through learning how to use his eidetic images. His trainer, Janet Bloom, says “We can all experience the power, the usefulness and playfulness of these newly understood inner motion pictures as soon as we distinguish them from memories, fantasies, dreams, symbols and archetypes, with which they’ve long been confused. Eidetic images stay in touch with our bodies, and give us dramatically clear, progressive and transformational understandings,” she continued. “Imagers soon feel how extensively eidetic images shape our behavior, learning ability, health and art. They enjoy relying on their eidetic images to readily change them in exactly the ways they need to change in order to do what they want to do. They not only heal themselves. As the clip shows, imagers heal their parents, too, and develop more rewarding relationships with their parents that are supportive lifelong.”

“You find from within what you need to do to bring out your own wellness,” the doctor added. “This is as much fun as anything I’ve ever done.” He soon began writing great poetry, which he had not known he had in him.

“Participants go home knowing some reliable new ways to find those good spaces in their imaginations that enable them to clear their minds and bodies, relax, rejuvenate, and inspire both themselves and others. We don’t know we have this ability until we start exploring inner space in a new way,” Janet says. She shows you the first steps to take in seeing out to get out of all sorts of trouble – mental, emotional, physical, creative, spiritual and social – of your own accord through following your inner motion pictures. She also introduces you to a reliable map that can guide you for years

to many rewarding transformational adventures.


Transformational Autobiography™ In Person

During private sessions, in person or on the phone, students see how to let eidetic images play in front of their minds’ eyes, and concentrate on these inner motion pictures – eidetic images –  which are images in all our senses. In seeing and sensing how to follow these intriguing images, imagers see how to free up their hidden potentials dramatically, while enjoying the natural wonders of their inner landscapes.

“This feels more real than anything I’ve ever done!”

electrical engineer

“Every time I do this it’s transformational. I now have

  a literal sense of a wellspring of joy that is there. You

  find from within what it is that you need to do to

  bring out your own wellness. It gives you a method of

  making yourself feel extremely good, because it does

  allow you to guide yourself. Before I’d ruminate and

  reinforce bad feelings; now I can snap out of it. It’s

  been invaluable, very potent, eradicating chronic

  depression. So many things all of a sudden work

  right.  Major issues have been very quickly

  addressed. I feel I can go forward with much less

  fear, intimidation, and sense of not belonging.  It’s

  tremendously exhilarating.  You are creating out of

  yourself a unique mythology. It is a tangible reality

  as to the essence of your own being.”

Dr. Kent Lyon, M.D.

“This is as much fun as anything I’ve ever

  done.  I not only see more of what’s

  inside me, but more of what’s inside

  other people. It’s simple, direct, helpful,

  and makes me feel good.”   

                                            Dr. Kent Lyon, M.D.

Family members who learn how to share their dramatic, transformational inside stories, can enjoy a new level of communication as they sense how surprisingly helpful, fond, comic and ultimately harmonious their eidetic images reveal them to be. Such eidetic interchanges carry people well beyond being stuck on expected levels of chronic blindness, antagonism, frustration and stalemates.

As participants move from just telling their images during empathy imaging into enacting them during Lucid Improvisations™, they gain a deeper sense of how energies and character traits are transmitted within a family, and how they can be transformed. Pleasantly surprising scenes surface readily, showing different ways everyone can contribute to freeing the family from replays of predictable troubles as they share in discovering ingenious ways of resolving conflicts.

This new way of sharing the inner dramas that confuse us when they go unseen gives participants a deep appreciation for and understanding of the source of their own and each other’s pitfalls, as well as gratitude for everyone’s natural ability to outgrow them.

This work can be particularly helpful in single parent families. It can diminish the negative influence of all parties involved – including the missing parent – and bring the beneficial influence of all parties into play in the forefront of family interactions.

Transformational Family Theater™ may be staged in your home. Two or more families may join together to vastly enlarge the scope of each participant’s inner resourcefulness.

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Healing Our Parents As We Heal

Pure Joy

Transformational Autobiography™

In Action And Interaction

“It’s The Happiest Thing!” 

Through enacting heroic transformational developments in their inner motion pictures, students see how helpful and energizing the gifts and powers of their dramatic eidetic imaginations can be to others. Scenes arising during this interlace of inner lights provide all participants with inspiring rehearsals for needed personal and social growth.

Many of us see ourselves as fated or stuck with what we think we are. Eidetic imaging shows that there is far more to us than we ordinarily see! We can surface hidden self images that give us a new sense of how vast our inner repertoire is, and enable us to keep changing for the better.

Sharing in telling their eidetic empathy images, or enacting them in Lucid Improvisations™, imagers find that, instead of feeling stuck replaying certain family traits or situations that have made life frustrating, they can outgrow them dramatically through imaging. Through revealing new, more promising sides of themselves, imagers spring free of fixed negative expectations of themselves and others, and enjoy themselves and their interactions more.

The more deeply you look into the eidetic levels of your imagination the more you realize that you are fated to be well, and find yourself more and more drawn into the inner suspense story revealing deeper levels of health. You are seeing your way clear as you get better and better at doing what you need to do to face and resolve the deep confusions and inner conflicts that used to stump you.

See all IMAGE GROVE videos, and the essay, LUCID IMPROVISATIONS™ Explore New Ground In Imagination Bringing Compassionate Interaction to Light.

Transformational Family Theater™

At Your Home, In Your Neighborhood

Dancing With Mother

Finding The Father You Always Wanted

Being Tarzan

Many people have had too little prime time with their father, or think of their time with him as largely negative. This can put a damper on need attributes, strengths and joys, that eidetic imaging can wake up. Even people who have had a very difficult time with father find that they can surface unexpectedly good images of father that bring relief and confidence. They may see him in scenes where he is free to be playful, or revealing his deep paternal affection, quite contrary to their expectations. They may even see him going to bat for them now, much to their surprise. When images of the historic father do not deliver all the energies and lessons that are needed, Ahsen’s approach enables eidetic imagers to bring mythic figures into play who help develop missing qualities.


Canadian Counselor magazine says:

“Eidetic analysis is unique as a simultaneous

  blend of  diagnosis and therapy. Its scope

  ranges from an individual working alone,

  through consciousness couples to families

  and groups. The possibilities for widespread

  self-directed lay therapy or personal growth

  are enormous.”

Self-Analytic Consciousness For Couples

PSYCHEYE, Self-Analytic Consciousness, Akhter Ahsen’s basic introductory text, can serve as a manual for self help. This course shows partners how to use self-analytic consciousness as a way of expeditiously rooting out and resolving deep troubles and discovering deeper sources of enjoyment in relationship.

See comment below on Eidetic Testing.

Eidetic Empathy Imaging

An Open Smile In The Air Between Them

“This is very different from any imaging I’ve ever experienced before.  It has taken me to new levels of clarity and groundedness.”

   management consultant

Through practicing eidetic empathy imaging people can see themselves and each other far more deeply, clearly and helpfully, and thus relate to themselves and each other far more successfully.

Eidetic empathy imaging sessions center on an eidetic image selected to meet the needs and interests of the imagers participating. Once the focal image is told, each of the participants in turn, sees him or herself in the first imager’s shoes, and tells his or her variation on the initial image. Letting the image play in front of his mind’s eyes, an eidetic imager always notes how the image is touching and moving him. As each participant’s image sheds new light on the dramatic theme in the first image, everyone else’s image keeps developing new glimmers and angles on the subject. Thus all are getting a fuller picture of the universal theme at issue.

Engaging in mutual creation in this way, participants form profound bonds of unexpected mutual illumination. They see the extent to which we are continually moved by images of other beings. They also see how they can use empathy images to understand themselves and each other far better, and also to expand the enjoyable range of being.

In this course you will see how to awaken the many gifts of empathy going unrecognized within you, and bring them into play skillfully. You will realize the extent to which we are made of empathy, and see how the discernment this gives us enables us to navigate interpersonal situations that formerly had us stumped.

Through exercising the gift of empathy people become more enjoyable company to themselves and their associates. They are more able to leave any cause for violence out of the picture, and more able to bring out the hidden and desired life of the party.

See the four-part video, Seeing Ourselves In Each Other’s Shoes.

Eidetic Testing

Two extensive sequences of eidetic imaging instructions enable eidetic imagers – and those who are helping them to befriend the clearly motivating level of their consciousness – to make an orderly approach to the depths of imagination. These tests enable us to expeditiously access the most healing, purifying, clarifying, energizing, strengthening and foresighted images.

Many people can benefit from becoming familiar with how to use these eidetic imaging tests on themselves and others. Those who will be most appreciative of the clarity and leverage these tests provide include: imagers who want to be friends to each other at the deepest level; therapists; artists; doctors; and anyone interested in grasping the surprisingly coherent, organic, whole picture of consciousness that eidetic imaging reveals to us. By getting the whole picture of our inner lives that these tests provide we see how to go straight to the source of our troubles and see clearly how to resolve them. We become far more precisely effective in relating to ourselves and each other.

These tests show us from a merely linear and verbal awareness of consciousness into a dramatic, whole picture understanding of ourselves and others. They let us see that the deeper we go in our understanding the clearer and more easygoing we can become.

“… Your course in Eidetic imagery was extremely

  helpful to me both personally and professionally.

  From a personal standpoint, I was able to revisit

  many old stuck points and move beyond them. At

  first I felt confused about the somatic response, but

  after a few sessions I realized how powerful it was. I

  realized how everything about me, even my body

  language had been formed by those old experiences.

  Feeling the changes was freeing in a way that I

  couldn’t have anticipated. I came out of your course

  feeling lighter and freer, and also kinder to myself.

  That is no small thing.

“Professionally, I began using some of the techniques

  right away with clients. As I became more confident,

  I became more daring, always with positive results.

  Although I never had the time to conduct the whole

  EPT (Eidetic Parents Test), I used techniques as I

  thought they might be of benefit. I found among

  other things that when working with couples, doing

  the empathic imagery really helped them to

  understand their stuck points in terms of their own

  issues. It was easy and the results were usually

  instantaneous. One couple was able to easily

  understand within one session how and why each

  had been unable to see the others’ point of view.

  They moved well beyond their impasse and not just

  on an intellectual level. It was a pivotal moment in

  their therapy.

“… it is always a joy to me to watch a master at

  work.  You truly are a master of eidetic imagery.

“… the time commitment … was well worth it …”


Sue Curtiss, psychotherapist

Connecticut Institute For Psychosynthesis


Infusion of Cherishing

What is cherishing? Holding dear? Do you cherish? Do you cherish enough? Do you cherish when cherishing is needed? Do your friends and family cherish enough? What does cherishing do for you? For others? What power does it have? What do you cherish? Who do you cherish?

In this course participants seek out scenes of cherishing they’ve been keeping under wraps: joyous, healing scenes of parents, siblings, nursemaids, neighborhood heroes, childhood vacations, and more. Since cherishing is often sidelined or given short shrift in our culture, many have let such scenes smolder and fizzle out, and may not know or suspect they have any in them. They are there.

This courses gives you a chance to dwell on discovering such fond moments that are still very much alive in your imagination. Like a nice bonfire, these scenes can warm you up, loosen you up, renew or bring something important out in you. Yours will be gratefully and imaginatively received by the others you share them with.

You will see how sharing these images primes your good spirits, and appreciate the power your images of such scenes have to bring you joy and ease and strength when nothing else can. Practicing such images can move you out of suffering from the cravings arising from feelings of emptiness, boredom, loss, and loneliness that come over anyone who slips into feeling their glass is half empty. Filling up on images of cherishing – as the song My Favorite Things says –  reminds you of the fullness and richness you can still know despite depleted circumstances.

If so moved, participants express their images in song and dance and drawing as well as speech.

Swinging To The Positive

“I’m Just Up There In The Sunlight”

Eidetic imaging enables a person to swiftly pop a positive image, feeling and action out of a negative state of mind and body. In this course we will demonstrate several basic imaging moves anyone can make to do this as needed. Once you know you have this ability, you know, no matter how low you go, that you can step on your inner trampoline by searching out an image that can give you just the lift you need.


Reunion With Creation

This course is especially for parents, teachers, health care workers, and all environmentally concerned people. We will demonstrate how eidetic imaging can be used in classes, art work, informational presentations, and clinical situations to relax people and dramatically enliven their interest in living in ways conducive to environmental health.

Eidetic imaging shows how much nature is part of human nature through concentrating carefully on their own inner motion pictures of trees, eagles, mountains, streams and more, eidetic imagers see how much nature is part of human nature. Being touched and moved by each image, they sense the extent of our empathy with all aspects of nature, and the distinct influence each image has over us, contributing to our ability to breathe or stand tall, for instance. We may even have more intense experiences of nature while envisioning it than we do while we’re outdoors in it! Eidetic nature imaging is not only relaxing, exhilarating, healing, and preventive of abuse of nature. It inspires us to draw, move and write with greater ease while caring more for ourselves and all our relations.

Freeing The Images That Move Us

Sense Of Command

Eidetic images are the animating and motivating structures in consciousness. The more we grasp the extent to which they set our pace, establish our attention spans, shape our breathing, attitudes, and foresight, the sooner we can gain a more easygoing and creative sense of command over our actions and health. During this course we will explore for images that release freedom and ease of movement.

Taking Our Own Sweet Time

Eidetic imaging enables us to get back in touch with the natural tempos that are as good for our moods as they are essential to our health. You will discover images that enhance your pace or are deleterious to it, and experience some that put you more in touch with your natural ability to be heal yourself and be more at ease.

Secure With Shiva And Lena

Lucid Improvisations™ With Jazz

“A Big Strong Muscular Taffy Pull”

See whole video, Playing In Concert With the Light,

with International Women In Jazz

Writing With The Light:

Following Your Inner Suspense Stories

This course is for those who wish to see how eidetic imaging can help them develop a coherent, liberating, transformational, and visionary approach to seeing and creativity.

See videos, Living Imaging articles, and poems.

“I’ve not dared enough to look into what I have ever

  felt or thought or wanted before. ...  I denied depth

  of knowledge. It’s wonderful! ... It’s a beautiful

  harmony ... I like Janet’s style: tranquil, unhurried,

  paying attention to what’s going on in us...   I feel

  my consciousness has greatly expanded ...  I walk

  around deeply content and peaceful, at one with my

  body, and my body at one with my soul. I’ve come

  home in myself. As if I had been given the world.” 



If you do not see exactly what you want above, please propose an eidetic imaging course

to address your interests.


“This is healthy.”


It makes me feel good in my heart.”

Third Grader



“Everybody should be doing this!”

   elementary school teacher

“...I enjoy my son more

  and more and more. ...

Switching from wanting him to behave to enjoying and delighting in the way he is... He behaves wonderfully”


Bill Thrash,

bodywork institute director


“Essentially right”

   family mediator

Launching Transformational Arts

Lucid Improvisations

Moving to the dramatic, transformational language of light in action, by following the inner motion pictures that move them, and letting their bodies speak their minds, eidetic imagers enact their empathy imaging during Lucid Improvisations.