Conspiracy  Of  Joy

That’s what imaging is, really,

a conspiracy of joy,

sitting opposite someone

who had been sounding so tired,

so played out, and

looking taken aback, abashed,

washed out,

and seeing, as he watches

his inner motion picture,

how the fountain of life

slowly comes back to life

throughout his being:

smiles gradually spreading

like ripples across his face;

his neck straightening up;

his shoulders squaring off;

until he even says he feels pride

deep down in his chest

as he feels elevated;

and he knows the golden beings

– who were whispering to him,

inviting him to play with them,

to come to their mountain –

will be there for him

when he can go with them:

seeing his eyes, which had become shy

and were lurking around in the

back of the caverns of being,

return like a golden retriever

swimming happily towards you.

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© Janet K Bloom 2010. All Rights Reserved.